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Reflecting on a Lockdown Walk

I see Pepper and Lucia in the park,

A smile of recognition and joy,

“We’re missing school a lot oh boy!”

I move on to cross a road,

Miss D spots me and stops her car,

For a moment our lives are slowed,

As we exchange a smile and say “How we are.”

I drift beside the river,

Glancing at the house boats backed by a wood,

Curtains drawn and the occasional sticker,

“It’s never too late for a happy childhood.”

I stand beside the lock,

There is a “No unauthorised access” sign- very clear,

But the seagulls in defiance still flock,

I sit on a bench, “For Mary, who loved it here.”

I return home in the rain,

Through a village “No building here please.

Instead of 30 houses, why not 800 trees?”

I walk a few more steps,

Pass a sad little door,

“RIP Mike, with us no more.”

I enter our drive,

Reflect on my stroll,

Pass through the doorway back into our cosy hobbit hole.

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